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. italy -- why small businesses are protesting against tax collectors. and luxembourg -- why illegal immigrants there want to get registered. children are typically raised by tibia will parents, but does it matter if they are a mother and father, or can two fathers or two mothers do just as well -- children are typically raised by two parents. single-sex families are a controversial issue in europe. the number of so-called rainbow families are on the rise, but their legal status varies from country to country. in germany, gay and lesbian couples cannot jointly adopt a child or a baby. they can only adopt as individuals. in france, when the government announced its intention to give homosexual couples equal adoption rights, large crowds took to the streets in protest. >> for these two little boys, having two mothers is nothing unusual. their parents are a lesbian couple. beatrice, seen here, adopted the boys as a single woman. her partner had no legal say in it, and by french law, singles may adopt, but same-sex couples may not. an initiative is under way to change that. for these two
, but not so well publicized in the impact of redundancy, tax rises, and unpaid bills, the impact it's having on people's mental health. >> behind the faces, there's a growing given toll, the mental trauma of the economic crisis that for many is proving too much. >> we have many more people facing difficulties with depression, with emotional disorders, with anxiety disorders. we have many, many more suicides. [indiscernible] it's a problem for our society. >> a mental dexterity has never been busier. it's counselors operate in every quarter of the country. a suicide hotline received up to 100 calls a day. three-quarters of them over financial difficulties. psychologists point to the breakdown of traditional structures, the tighten its grip family in which the young and old always looked after one another. now over 1 million families, there's not a single member who works. it also point to the longevity of the crisis, a torment of pain and uncertainty that leads many greeks to feel hopeless. in another life, this person might be considered affluent. she inherited eight properties and had a goo
unpaid bills of 130 million euros, plus 40 million euros for the tax office and social insurance. employees have not been paid for three months. it was a very complicated situation. >> and no solution is in sight. 11,000 people are unemployed. one of them is jose, who has gone back to how his father used to earn a living. >> there's no alternative. i used to work in construction, but that closed down here. and everywhere else, things are very bad. >> the fight for survival has brought creative ideas. just before the border to gibraltar, a group of unemployed people have opened up a parking lots. you pay as much as you want. manuel rodriguez and 40 other families live from it. >> i have no money for a year. before that, i was unemployed for five years. i need this to survive. >> at the end of his day, he brings home 20 euros. his wife does not want to be filmed. she suffers from depression. his son is still in school. his family is not the only one fearing for survival. >> the entire quarter is in a similar situation. there is no industry here, no work, nothing. it brings you to y
of john kerry running for president putting on the camouflaged coat with a sales tax on the back. >> just days before the election, john kerry to ridicule -- regional for appearing in a hunting outfit. there is no way to tell yet how well the president's speech noting -- ski shooting code does to persuade gun owners that he is not out to take their firearms. the white house is not be killed when or if he is going to go shooting again -- has not detailed when or if he is going to go shooting again. >> anti-government protesters of being blamed for the attack. >> in the aftermath of friday's angry demonstration here, and outside the presidential palace. it was the action of the security forces that stopped the protests that shocked egyptians. a 23-year-old was killed, and then there was this, a man stripped naked and beaten by security forces before being bundled into a van. >> i cannot bear seeing someone like that. how can someone drag someone else on the ground like that. we are in egypt, the should not be happening. >> this scene was shameful and degrading. not only was this man's of na
tax. part of austerity measures put in place by the government to reduce the massive debt. he promised sweeping tax cuts if he wins next month's election. >> i will be fighting a next great battle to extend freedom and held it in a state of the gloomy prospect for upon it. >> in terms of economic crisis, people often turn to sports for well-being. think both sea biscuit. even when -- increase even the oldest football club is falling victim to recession. die-hard fans may not be enough to save the team from financial failure. >> the team is everything to these fans. they call it an addiction, a sickness, but lately it is the team itself that is sick. some of the best players have signed up with rival teams. the rest are unhappy, and they are losing matches in the closing minutes through what seems like carelessness. >> they continue to have strong players with expensive contracts. we are going to try to reduce their contract to make the team viable. we are talking about 50%. otherwise they will go bankrupt. >> like the rest of greece, they are cutting down on expenses whenever they kare
tax thresholds. suddenly, individuals earning more than $200,000 a year had to pay 90 percent tax. top hollywood stars, therefore, had to find ways of maintaining their income other than as salary.
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said they would respond with utmost decisiveness. tax in pakistan, a militant attack on an army check post has killed at least 13 soldiers and tens of millions in the northwest of the country, and the taliban has claimed responsibility, saying it was in retaliation for a recent drone strike. reports in pakistan say more than 35,000 people have been killed as a result of terrorism since the september 11 attacks on the united states. in libya -- in india, five men have been indicted in that gang rape case that led to the death of a 23-year-old student. the men he not guilty to 13 charges of murder if convicted, they could face life sentences. the attack happened in december and sparked national outrage. russia is celebrating the anniversary of the battle of stalingrad, when the red army defeated nazi forces, claiming the lives of 2 million people, and changing the course of world war ii. president putin is due to attend a fireworks this play and concert and will host a reception for veterans in the capital. since beginning his third term in the kremlin, putin has been spreading a patrio
meeting with his party, he said he would publish all his tax declarations to clear up the scandal. >> these allegations first surfaced this week in spain's leading center left newspaper. they published account ledgers purportedly showing donations were channeled into secret payments to rajoy and other top party officials. the prime minister issued a firm denial. >> i won't need more than two words. it's also. i have never, i repeat, never received or distributed dirty money, neither in the this party nor anywhere, never. i will say it again. it's false. everything that's been said and all the allegations are false. >> according to the newspaper, the payments were mostly from builders during a construction boom when politicians granted large numbers of development contracts. it's alleged there were 11 years of payments to rajoy of $34,000 a year. the subsequent anger on the streets following spain's economic collapse is directed at politicians whom many regard as corrupt. rajoy's previous reputation for being boring but honest is under attack. prosecutors, already investigating a c
was possible. we needed to know how many goods would be left over for civilian consumption and what taxes the government would have to levy. look at our circular flow again. production normally flows from businesses to households who pay for these goods with incomes generated by that production. now the government steps in, spending half our gnp for war production. suddenly there's a problem. consumers still have big incomes, but few goods come to them. knowing what these numbers are, one can estimate how much purchasing power the government has to drain away from the civilian economy so that we wouldn't face a terribly inflationary situation. gnp figures were useful during the war, as they have been ever since. that doesn't mean they give a complete picture of the progress of our economy. the former head of nasa said, "on the way to the moon, we discovered earth." that discovery drew national attention. in april of 1970, people protested against pollution from automobiles and factories, chemical poisoning from pesticides, the trash of a throwaway society, and ultimately, the idea that bi
burials -- attests to the ability of the state to collect taxes in the form of labor, as well as goods and skills needed to put together and control a city of this size. keach: teotihuacan must have had an extensive bureaucracy. everywhere there is evidence of state management, of control. the layout of the city itself was planned. religious and government buildings line two main avenues, with house compounds arranged behind, in a grid pattern. warren barbour has studied these compounds since 1962. this is the central patio of the apartment compound, called sequala, which is a typical apartment compound at teotihuacan. it's about half a football field on the side. it contains a central patio, a temple on the east side, and four apartments. to get the picture of this, you have to see elaborate paintings on the lower sections of the walls... the upper walls painted like wallpaper in reds and whites and greens. the pillars would go up to roofs with wood and covered porticoes, where children would be sitting and playing a game like parchesi. you would see dogs walking around, food being co
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11